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We have had dozens of Spanish teachers. Fabiana is the best Spanish teacher we have ever had. She makes learning Spanish easy, fun and quick. Fabiana provides excellent hints to which helps students avoid the common mistakes that those learning Spanish make. Thank you Fabiana. Your are the best!

Byron & Chris

I have tried a number of products to improve my Spanish. These podcasts from Spanish 360 with Fabiana help me more than any product that I have previously encountered!

Mark Harris -- London, Enlgand

I love these podcasts. They are natural conversations, not scripted and at a pace which is easy to understand. I am so glad that the podcasts use words and expressions that are up-to-date and are not dated phrases that are not used in casual conversations. Thank you!

Sharon Blacknell -- Seattle, Washington, USA

I really like the “Ask Fabiana a Question” feature. Whenever I have a question, Fabiana provides the perfect explanation. It is like having your own personal Spanish tutor right at your fingertips.

Dave Mason -- Chicago, Illinois, USA

The best aspect of the podcasts is being able to download the recordings to my iPod and listen to the conversations when I am driving. Everyday I have Fabiana accompany on my ride to and from work!

John Moore -- Los Angeles, California, USA

I have a friend in Dallas who started taking lessons with Fabiana several years ago. His level at that time was poor. Now he speaks Spanish with many of his clients from South America. His Spanish is just great!

Harry Dudley -- Austin, TX, USA

I am not a linguist. It doesn't come naturally to me, like it does to some people. I owe my considerable progress in learning to speak Spanish to Fabiana, with whom I have been taking regular lessons for over six years. Fabiana is a surpassing linguist, who combines uncanny intuition with a profound understanding of the structure of language. But more than this she is able to see the language from the viewpoint of her students, and to use this vision to make it so that the student has fun while learning. With Fabiana motivation is never a problem.

Peter Lewin -- Dallas, TX, USA

Congratulations! I have recently discovered your podcasts and am very impressed.  There is a little hole in the podcast cast world between beginning Spanish speakers and fluent Spanish speakers, and I am always seeking new ways to fill the gap. You guys have done it beautifully. I am a new fan, and will tell my friends!

Lucie (blog posting Jun 9, 2011)

There is simply no one else who has found just the perfect combination of Spanish conversation, grammar, culture and even literature for the intermediate/advanced student. The content is relevant and interesting and has filled an otherwise cavernous gap in the world of internet language learning. Thank you Fabi, Chris and Byron.

Chris B. -- Dallas, TX, USA

Fabiana, I have been working my way through your podcasts. I am enjoying listening to them and am finding them to be informative and easy to understand.  The length is good too.  I tend to not have large blocks of time in the summer to get things done so the fact that each podcast is relatively short makes it easier for me to make the time to listen to them. 

Susan B. - Dallas, TX, USA

"Advanced" students, who do not have the chance to study abroad, face a daunting challenge on their way to "true fluency", because everyone simply expects them to listen to all native sources. I was a German major in college and picked up Spanish and Italian for fun and have had the same problem with all three. This is the perfect springboard in to "real advanced" language just the same way you would pick up new words here and there by having conversations, which were not contrived. A+ job! Keep it up.

Sonicstillpoint (posted in iTunes on June 25, 2011)

Eres taaaaaan súper! Es el mejor podcast de español sin dudas. Estaba buscando algo así por meses!

 (YouTube channel on June 27th, 2011) Fabiana, yet again you manage to overwhelm me with your ability to make learning Spanish so fun! The podcasts with Chris & Byron remind me of what an incredible teacher you are. I cannot wait to share this tool with all of my friends! Martha, Dallas TX

Carter Manhnke

Hola Fabiana! I just wanted to be sure to let you know I really learned a lot from you. You reminded me how much I enjoy learning languages and learning about languages. I find it fascinating. I really appreciate all you put into the class.

Kristin Hull, Dallas, TX

 I LOVE Spanish 360 with Fabiana, Chris, and Byron! It is hands down the BEST Spanish program I have ever worked with. And that is saying a lot. I have had a zillion Spanish classes—in Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica, and in the U.S; I've had various tutors, and have bought scads of DVD's, CD's and language programs. Your Podcasts are different. The lessons are interesting, short, focused, meaningful. Phrases and grammar that need explaining are embedded in the context of the dialogue. The footnotes referring to them are clear and more meaningful because they come after hearing the passage. Fabiana is very special. She speaks beautiful Spanish, is an excellent teacher, understands grammar deeply, and is also very literate. And you and Byron are no slouches. I am very impressed with your Spanish. You've really worked at it and it shows. Oh—I also love how Fabiana does not stop you guys when you make mistakes, but then we can see the corrections on the printed version. You guys make the same mistakes I make and probably all of us English speakers who are learning Spanish. I wish I had an hour every day to devote to studying your lessons.....The podcasts are terrific! We love them! We want to dedicate some time to using this approach as it is really perfect for us. Interesting that Fabiana is from Argentina. She doesn't have that strong accent most people have if they are from there. Thanks for developing this great way to work on Spanish....THANK YOU for creating this fantastic program!!!!

Nancy C., Boston, Massachusetts